Recommendations to the prospective client

Recommendations to the prospective client

by DanKcleaning |April 8, 2018 | Blogs


Recommendation for a cleaning company


In general, when it comes to recommendations, associated with cleaning companies, much more attention is paid to those referring to the quality of the services of their personnel rather than the recommendations related to how to be a loyal and grateful client. But the client’s significance could not be underestimated in any way, because his role in contributing to the good reputation of a  company is essential. In addition to his meticulous search for the best cleaning company, his necessity and expectations for the maximum he should be aware of some tips which concern his attitude to the people dealing with his home or office problem or procedure.


Different type of customers – different type of needs!


To begin with, it is not a bad idea that a good client has to put some order in his place before the cleaning service is given a start. By clearing the mess, he will facilitate the work of the workers or cleaners to a great extent.

In terms of his direct communication on the premises it is recommendable that he sticks to a good balance without revealing too much about his personal life or keeping oppressively silent all the time. Asking too many many questions is also unwise because this might mean he is suspicious of the service As his being totally indifferent, for this could be interpreted as the lack of any interest or even disrespect.


The final chapter


A final inspection before the cleaners leave is also desirable since the clarification of all points will be made on-site with no further complaints.

Despite the enormous number of cleaning companies, a reasonable strategy for a client will be to stick to the services of one and the same company. Only in that way could he prevent his place being visited by too many people he does not know.


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