Upholstery cleaning

Most usually people associate the necessity for a professional upholstery, curtains and blinds cleaning service only with offices and public buildings. The truth, however, is that in the modern dynamic world most of them find less time to do this trivial household chore. Logically enough, in both cases they need a reputable and reliable company like ours to spare them the time and all related troubles and revive their soiled furniture, dirty curtains or dusty blinds into the ones which caught their eye at the time of their purchase.

The advantages of having our company clean your upholstery /either of natural or artificial fabric and leather/ go a lot beyond just the time. Our knowledgeable cleaners will take in mind  all the details of the process – both the best cleaning agents and the most appropriate equipment as well as the specific stages of the procedures and their order. It is especially irritating to try to clean resistant stains. Non-professional upholstery cleaning could be not only very difficult, but also detrimental for the fabric and colour of the different items. By brushing or vacuuming first, then applying the harmless but effective cleaning solutions, leaving the time for the stains  and dirt to dissolve and removing the resultant mixture we make sure there is not a single reminder of the previous condition.

The same holds absolutely true also for the curtains and blinds cleaning, which will not be removed from their hanging position to be brought to their original sparkle and beauty. Both steam and dry cleaning could be applied if the particular case demands either of them. Special care is given to both heavy and flimsy fabrics so that no damage could occur to the latter. Nor is the design overlooked – the  aims to preserve the swags or folds etc.


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