Mobile car wash

Undoubtedly, having a car is no longer a whimsical luxury but an indispensable necessity in our dynamic life. The unquestionable benefits of the car-usage nearly all day have gained their absolute prevalence over all the inevitable inconvenience of the car maintenance and its being kept in a clean and good condition. And this is the right  time you can contact us and delight in the perfection of our Mobile car wash services.

In all cases of Mobile car wash necessity, you can always rely on our immaculate work, provided by our knowledgeable and skilled employees with eco-friendly and fragrant cleaning substances, as well as mostly sophisticated equipment and up-to-date techniques. No longer should you be upset how to find the time to have a Mobile car wash with your busy schedule, because we will send our team to the place you fix and offer you the best possible Mobile car wash  service while you are at work, at home, shopping or just relaxing.

Being fully aware of the detrimental effects of the unfavourable weather conditions, the damaging ultra-violet rays leading to corrosion and rust, we have been striving to include in the Mobile car wash  the most appropriate user and car-friendly chemicals not only to remove all traces of surface scratches, scuffs and stains, but also to repair dents and provide a safety-guarantee over-spray or coating to prevent any recurrent appearance.

And the Mobile car wash has still more to ensure the brilliant condition of your car. To give you the same  excitement as that at the time of its purchase, we will abolish all traces of wear and tear and lend it a splendid look. The Mobile car wash includes both the exterior and interior parts and areas – the wheels, the rims, the windows and the doors from inside and outside. In the Mobile car wash our workers will pay special attention to the specificity of cleaning the vinyl, plastic or chrome zones as well as to the selection of the most suitable products / polishers, waxes, air-fresheners etc./ not to damage either the hard surfaces or the leather and the fabric upholstery. Together with the efficient vacuuming of all the seats, the floor carpets and mats, they will shampoo the dashboard and all the panels to a shining dazzle. Besides the standard Mobile car wash, however, we are also highly-experienced in focusing even on the smallest details such as the hidden and hard-to-reach places – the joists, the deep folds, the seams, etc.

Having in mind that an one-time Mobile car wash  is not enough to guarantee your car’s permanent good state and health, we will offer you our Mobile car wash services on a regular basis depending on you budget and preference. In addition, you can always trust our assistance in the car maintenance by means of various consultations, recommendations and professional advice on all manner of issues.

With all the efficiency and the hassle-saving services we promise, you should definitely stop bothering about your car and contact us immediately fro a thorough Mobile car wash.


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