End of tenancy cleaning

For one reason or another your tenancy has come to an end and in store for you is the inevitable challenge of the end of tenancy cleaning or deep cleaning. As the name itself suggests this is not just the routine cleaning for hygiene-maintenance reasons. Actually it is a very extensive and thorough cleaning process to ensure that state of the living place which will correspond to the strict requirements of a real estate agency.

It goes without saying that instead of incurring yourself the stress of a do-it-yourself job, you’d better take advantage of our company’s services and be a 100% sure to receive your full-amount deposit back. Besides offering extremely efficient end of tenancy cleaning, we are also familiar with all the ins and outs of the real estate agencies terms and standards for such type of cleaning. This is due to our years-long work together and our whole-hearted devotion to consistency and perfection. Our confidence in the magnificent final result derives from our professional stuff, our modern tools and machines, together with the safe detergents and the unique strategies for end of tenancy cleaning which take up the minimum of your precious time.

Our company has won the respect and appreciation of tenants and landlords since the aftermath of our service is to make them see their whole property in a spick-a-span condition. Not a single room is forgotten and not a single kitchen appliance /from the inside and outside/ or a furniture item is left unpolished to a dazzling sparkle. All cobwebs and stains of various nature are removed; as are pets hairs, food spills or accumulated dust and crusted grease or grime. Bathrooms have their total interiors totally scrubbed and rinsed and so do bedrooms, studies and all other extra premises.

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