Domestic cleaning

Ensuring and keeping the best-possible hygiene in your home is essential both for your comfort and good health. Domestic cleaning, however, means a disruption of your busy daily schedule and interruption of your obligatory activities. This is where our reliable services come with an enormous help. No matter whether it is a small or big house with a garden and other extra buildings or a modern studio or a luxurious many-room apartment, our skilled and experienced cleaners will do their best to make them shine with cleanliness and lustre. Not only do they work with the most sophisticated equipment, but they also have a profound knowledge of the specificity of all domestic cleaning agents, provided either by you or by us at a pre-cleaning payment. We rely on the highest-quality domestic cleaning agents both environmentally and user-friendly and most suitable for each part and stage of the service.

Together with all the standard domestic cleaning process of dusting, mopping, vacuuming and rubbish removal, every domestic cleaning service is focused on the particular demand and preference of the client. The full room-to-room cleaning includes windows, ceiling, walls and floor cleaning together with the specific needs of every room. Depending on the floor type vacuuming or mopping is provided so that all dirt is removed. In the kitchen – the domestic cleaning covers the sink and all the appliances and cupboards/outside and inside/ dusting, rinsing and wiping; in the bathroom – the wall and floor-tiles rinsing to remove all stains and dirt and cloth-drying; the sink and toilet as well as bathtub and shower scrubbing and rinsing, mirror and all glass surfaces and racks cleaning and wiping, soap dish rinsing, mats, toiletries and waste-paper baskets replacing; in the living- rooms and bedrooms – the furniture and  lamps dusting and wiping.

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