Commercial cleaning

To have a successful business is based on the combination of excellent skills, knowledge and a variety of other factors. One such factor is the maintenance of a good-looking office/shop, including its highest hygiene-level to ensure both a pleasant working atmosphere and fruitful  business-meetings environment. Hardly will that be possible without the contribution of a trustworthy commercial cleaning company like ours. All our quotes are focused on the awareness of the specificity of commercial cleaning and the ultimate goal to ensure the greatest satisfaction of our clients. To this end we provide our highly-specialized commercial cleaning agents and an absolutely adjustable approach for every single booking. We consider the peculiarities of the place, the necessary number of cleaners and the time-duration. To avoid  misunderstandings or the slightest trace of inefficiency, we keep a constant contact with you. Depending on the case, an additional commercial cleaning service at an affordable price could be offered.

We provide commercial cleaning for all kinds of business-related areas like offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs, together with all the adjacent spaces like corridors, staircases, entries, toilets and kitchen areas. Our experienced workers are responsible for the best cleaning of both floors and ceilings as well as all of furniture. The floors are either mopped or vacuumed with excellent equipment. Any glass tables and counters are dusted and wiped, as are also telephones and blinds. In the toilet and bathroom areas all the dirt and stains are removed from mirrors and racks and the toilet base is disinfected; the sink and shower are efficiently scrubbed and rinsed and the toiletries and waste-paper basket changed. Besides, the floor and furniture cleaning and the sink scrubbing, in the kitchen area all the appliances are meticulously dusted and wiped and if necessary cleaned from the inside / a microwave, a toaster, a coffee-machine/.

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