Carpet cleaning

Nowadays it has become common practice to eliminate carpets or rugs from usage basically for the sake of modern floor covering and for the failure to keep them in good condition. Our company, however, promises to discourage you from the slightest intention to part with your carpet and rugs. It will breathe new life to them by removing all kinds of stains, soil and pet-hairs and totally refreshing them for further delight and usage. Our trained cleaners will make the presence of your carpet  and rugs on the floor a new source of the traditional coziness and aristocratic-like atmosphere.

Our personnel is fully-informed about the pros and cons of the different methods of carpet cleaning – from carpet shampooing, encapsulation, bonnet cleansing, dry cleaning to the most viable – steam carpet cleaning. This knowledge guarantees their taking the most adequate decision depending on the carpet and rug type and condition. Because of its minimal disadvantages /no wet foam after rinsing, no dirt deposited under the surface/ we apply the steam carpet cleaning the most, without imposing it, if a client prefers another option. A sound judgment of the carpet and the rugs fabrics and fibers /natural or synthetic/ is vital for the cleaning agents choice. No matter whether it is rugs of local or oriental or Persian origin, manually or machine-made, we use highest-quality agents and consider the time and the conditions of drying. A significant strategy we stick to is also a pre-cleaning testing on a small portion.

To ensure no future damage on your carpet we offer putting a protector on it at an additional price.

Last but not least comes our modern carpet cleaning equipment, which is designed to spare any discomfort to the client and his daily activities such as the unpleasant noise or dust.


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