Maintenance services


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For its long history gardening has been considered as a source of aesthetic interpretation of art and nature and implementation of inventive spirits and nimble hands. From the Garden of Eden and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, through the opulence of The Egyptian gardens to the mysterious beauty of the Japanese gardens and the modern landscaping, all types of gardens have never failed to create excitement and admiration.

No home of whatever kind, it might be, is fully beautiful and comfortable without a well-tended lawn or garden. They lend it the irresistible charm of every season – the white attire of winter, the greenness and multi-coloured blossoming of the spring and summer and the golden yellow of the autumn.

Scientifically proven, as it might be, that tending to a garden on your own boosts your health, the truth is that only an efficient professional care could turn your garden into a real paradise. By offering a wide range of services, our company  could not only clean  your garden and lawn to a perfect condition and keep their excellence on a regular basis, but it will also enhance their design and improve the overall appearance.
Our garden clearance service is focused on the removal of all kinds of bushes and small trees as well as of ivy and weeds. By doing these we will bring a new lease of life to the old and overgrown garden and clear more space for areas and  activities of your own taste and preference. If you are hesitant about the way it will be designed, we will offer you both the most competent and appropriate suggestions and their optimal realization. The rich array of modern tools and instruments our company avails of has made us offer services like  decking and paving, turfing and fencing, shed installation and the like.

Additionally, our equipment makes it possible for us to provide proper care and maintenance of all types of trees. Being an essential part of every lawn and garden, trees have an utmost significance  as stimulators of a better design, providers of shade and protection and sources of oxygen and fresh air. Fully aware of all their functions, our trained workers have mastered to perfection even the slightest  details of the Tree surgery service. It is applicable for for trees of 15 to 65 feet height too, which includes pruning and shaping, cutting and stump removal.

Once cleaned a garden, inevitably needs consistency in being kept in that state and this is what our company is exceptionally good at. Providing all manner of services such as hedge trimming and pruning of small trees and bushes, constant leaf clearance and weeding, we will make you forget the trouble of a neglected and overgrown garden for ever.

Not less skilled is our staff in ensuring excellent maintenance of your lawn. Together with the conventional ways to do that like mowing, edging, weeding and leaf clearance, they are also highly reliable when it comes to certain lawn repairs or design enhancement.

For both areas our company could also offer Jet washing and Gutter cleaning. The first includes pressure stream cleaning of paths and driveways of diverse width and length, cleaning of all types of patios and other outdoor hard surfaces. The second ensures complete gutters cleaning by a thorough removal of all debris and leaves.

All in all, our company will leave no stone unturned to make both your garden and lawn the most suitable places for the safe games of your children, the enjoyment or your cup of coffee with a friend, the excitement of a barbecue dinner or the hilarious party on some special occasion.

Removal services

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Paradoxically, people rarely realize how often the necessity for relocation of home and office items occurs. According to statistics the number of such people has been rising dramatically recently. If it had not been for our whole-hearted commitment to perfection and the client’s satisfaction, our company would not have gained its current prestigious place in the constellation of hundreds of temptingly-advertised removal services companies. The  pleasure of a diligently-done removal service for our clients is the most rewarding part of our years-long business.

Equipped with a wide assortment of devices and a fleet of vehicles suitable for all the stages of the relocation process / packing, storage, dismantling, loading, and respectively unpacking, unloading and assembling/ we can readily provide both a full removal service and just parts of it in correspondence to the client’s demands and orders.  Out workers are specifically-trained and richly-experienced in not only the basics but also the specifics of each part of the removal service. To be more precise, they can cope with furniture pieces of various sizes and weight very successfully so that the latter keep their state undamaged and completely intact. Furthermore, they can work out feasible solutions for removal services in next-to-inaccessible areas and difficult houses or stairs and high building and in severe weather conditions. They could be very helpful also in the pre-loading stage by applying the right arrangement for the items and all the luggage to be removed. The drivers in out company are expertly knowledgeable and manipulative of the streets of London with all their problematic features. But they are also very reliable if a removal service is required for any part in the United Kingdom.

With regard to our costs, we offer affordable and client-friendly charges – start of charging is from the vehicle’s arrival at your address.

Painting and decorating services

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Undoubtedly, change and refreshment are no longer luxuries but absolute necessities in our life. Without them there is less motivation to work or success in your career. Irrespective of whether it is on personal or professional level, change and refreshment are even obligatory to enhance you life quality  and progress. This concerns also in the living and working environment. If you want to provide them, the first thought that springs to mind is to have a painting or decorating service in your home or office. At times like that you can always contact our company and we will make sure you are given a second-to-none painting and decorating service. Our professional painters will offer you ideas how to get rid of walls covered with your children’s scribbles or dirty stains as well as simply the look of wear and tear that comes naturally with the passage of time. Bearing in mind your expectations and requirements , they will present you with a choice of our available colour scheme of paints for a best match and appropriacy as well as for the paints time lasting characteristics. As our company strives to keep its regular clients and make the new clients into regular  ones, we guarantee that our painting and decorating services include a professional preparation of the walls and surfaces, floors and ceilings, application of the paints and decorations with the greatest attention to keep the interior items protected and intact. It is a bit obsolete to put tapestries or framed pictures on the walls. A more up-to-date alternative could be what we excel at – painting or decorating directly on the wall, be it your kid’s favourite hero or a teenager’s idol or you much loved photo from the past. Or even a masterpiece from classic art.

Handyman services

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It is common knowledge that issues related to handyman repairs could cause only inconvenience and annoyance. They can disrupt the normal daily rhythm of your life and bring about serious damage to items and people if inadequate service is applied. The most common second reaction you would have after the first feeling of irritation will be to try to find an answer on your own. More often than not, however, this proves to be the wrong choice having sometimes serious consequences. The right choice which can prevent all frustration will be a call and appointment with a handyman service representative from our company. Only in that way could you expect a final and satisfactory result.

Our company is specialized in handyman procedures for a great diversity of breakage and blockage issues. At one time it may be the breakage of a kitchen appliance – a washing, dish-washing machine or a refrigerator, at another – a clogging of a sink, shower or a bathroom drain; at still another – a necessity to have a shower battery or an electric coil changed will arise. Regardless of whichever the case is, we will be always ready to help and restore the normal function of your basic appliances.

In the event of a broken part, you will have a diagnostic on-site handyman service visit at a reasonable price, free-of -charge delivery and an affordably-priced replacement.

If the problem concerns a drain construction, our workers could ensure the proper service to fit it. Any attempt you make to test either either homemade or other substances or mixing them for the desired result could be detrimental and toxic. On the contrary, our handyman service will apply the most harmless unclogging chemicals with the solid knowledge how long they could stay on porcelain and enamel to keep them intact.