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Oven cleaning

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Although it seems a rather insignificant matter, people scarcely realize how important this appliance is in their daily life and how irritating and time-consuming its cleaning could be. A clean oven is a guarantee not only of good food taste and its pleasant smell, but also of a better cooking process and preservation of all vitamins and beneficial nutrients. In a nutshell. a clean oven is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle since it is related to our food and the way it is prepared.

No matter whether your oven is covered with grease, stains or a crust of spilled food or leftovers and crumbs, our company will make it a shining temptation to cook a delicious meal. This is possible due to our effective cleaning agents which do not cause any adverse effects, but remove successfully newly-appeared patches of grime and week or month-long deposited food residue. Despite the variety of advertised steam products, sprays and auto-cleaning options you might resort to or even self-cleaning ovens /not fully reliable/, none of them will clean a really messy and heavily-crusted oven. Most of the chemicals could cause a serious damage to the oven or some allergy to your skin So, instead of experimenting not only with all manner of options, but also with your patience and health, the best you could do is trust our company and look forward to the moment to relish the perfect result. The cleaners, we could provide, will scrub diligently the exterior, the interior and the racks one by one till they gain a next-to-new look and function. They will do their utmost to finish the oven cleaning at your best convenience and within the most suitable time. By letting us ensure an on-time oven cleaning, you will enhance its lifetime and dependability.

Windows cleaning

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The state of one’s home or office, the way it looks and the consistency of its upkeep have always been a direct reflection of one’s character and personality. This is especially true for the state and look of the windows in both places. The regularity of their cleaning could easily be compared to the way one takes care of his eyes and eyesight. Both provide a view to the exterior world and vital factors for good health, trouble-free life and adequate working conditions.

Easy at seems, however, windows cleaning could turn from a mundane to a very stressful experience, especially if the windows are of a tricky variety /double-pane windows/ or in almost inaccessible places. In all such cases it is the efficiency and client-dedicated services of our company that could be the trustworthy rescuer. With our modern equipment, available for even the most difficult areas, we would reach all kinds of high-rise windows – even at the height of 18 meters and come up with the best solutions for all situations. The professionally trained and skilled cleaners will ensure absolutely streak-free windows by using a plethora of our carefully-selected cleaning chemicals. Not only are the latter of the highest quality, but they also leave the windows efficiently protected for several months. We could also offer the additional service of cleaving you PVC framework depending on your preference. Still another option for our clients is conservatory cleaning both from the inside and outside. Besides guаranteeing the original beauty of the conservatory, our efficient work will ensure sufficient light for your plants healthy growth.

Our active practice in windows cleaning practice services have gained us the reputation of providers of  such crystal clear views to the outside scenery that they are similar to a beautiful wall-paper or a masterpiece of art.

Upholstery cleaning

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Most usually people associate the necessity for a professional upholstery, curtains and blinds cleaning service only with offices and public buildings. The truth, however, is that in the modern dynamic world most of them find less time to do this trivial household chore. Logically enough, in both cases they need a reputable and reliable company like ours to spare them the time and all related troubles and revive their soiled furniture, dirty curtains or dusty blinds into the ones which caught their eye at the time of their purchase.

The advantages of having our company clean your upholstery /either of natural or artificial fabric and leather/ go a lot beyond just the time. Our knowledgeable cleaners will take in mind  all the details of the process – both the best cleaning agents and the most appropriate equipment as well as the specific stages of the procedures and their order. It is especially irritating to try to clean resistant stains. Non-professional upholstery cleaning could be not only very difficult, but also detrimental for the fabric and colour of the different items. By brushing or vacuuming first, then applying the harmless but effective cleaning solutions, leaving the time for the stains  and dirt to dissolve and removing the resultant mixture we make sure there is not a single reminder of the previous condition.

The same holds absolutely true also for the curtains and blinds cleaning, which will not be removed from their hanging position to be brought to their original sparkle and beauty. Both steam and dry cleaning could be applied if the particular case demands either of them. Special care is given to both heavy and flimsy fabrics so that no damage could occur to the latter. Nor is the design overlooked – the  aims to preserve the swags or folds etc.


End of tenancy cleaning

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For one reason or another your tenancy has come to an end and in store for you is the inevitable challenge of the end of tenancy cleaning or deep cleaning. As the name itself suggests this is not just the routine cleaning for hygiene-maintenance reasons. Actually it is a very extensive and thorough cleaning process to ensure that state of the living place which will correspond to the strict requirements of a real estate agency.

It goes without saying that instead of incurring yourself the stress of a do-it-yourself job, you’d better take advantage of our company’s services and be a 100% sure to receive your full-amount deposit back. Besides offering extremely efficient end of tenancy cleaning, we are also familiar with all the ins and outs of the real estate agencies terms and standards for such type of cleaning. This is due to our years-long work together and our whole-hearted devotion to consistency and perfection. Our confidence in the magnificent final result derives from our professional stuff, our modern tools and machines, together with the safe detergents and the unique strategies for end of tenancy cleaning which take up the minimum of your precious time.

Our company has won the respect and appreciation of tenants and landlords since the aftermath of our service is to make them see their whole property in a spick-a-span condition. Not a single room is forgotten and not a single kitchen appliance /from the inside and outside/ or a furniture item is left unpolished to a dazzling sparkle. All cobwebs and stains of various nature are removed; as are pets hairs, food spills or accumulated dust and crusted grease or grime. Bathrooms have their total interiors totally scrubbed and rinsed and so do bedrooms, studies and all other extra premises.

Domestic cleaning

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Ensuring and keeping the best-possible hygiene in your home is essential both for your comfort and good health. Domestic cleaning, however, means a disruption of your busy daily schedule and interruption of your obligatory activities. This is where our reliable services come with an enormous help. No matter whether it is a small or big house with a garden and other extra buildings or a modern studio or a luxurious many-room apartment, our skilled and experienced cleaners will do their best to make them shine with cleanliness and lustre. Not only do they work with the most sophisticated equipment, but they also have a profound knowledge of the specificity of all domestic cleaning agents, provided either by you or by us at a pre-cleaning payment. We rely on the highest-quality domestic cleaning agents both environmentally and user-friendly and most suitable for each part and stage of the service.

Together with all the standard domestic cleaning process of dusting, mopping, vacuuming and rubbish removal, every domestic cleaning service is focused on the particular demand and preference of the client. The full room-to-room cleaning includes windows, ceiling, walls and floor cleaning together with the specific needs of every room. Depending on the floor type vacuuming or mopping is provided so that all dirt is removed. In the kitchen – the domestic cleaning covers the sink and all the appliances and cupboards/outside and inside/ dusting, rinsing and wiping; in the bathroom – the wall and floor-tiles rinsing to remove all stains and dirt and cloth-drying; the sink and toilet as well as bathtub and shower scrubbing and rinsing, mirror and all glass surfaces and racks cleaning and wiping, soap dish rinsing, mats, toiletries and waste-paper baskets replacing; in the living- rooms and bedrooms – the furniture and  lamps dusting and wiping.

Commercial cleaning

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To have a successful business is based on the combination of excellent skills, knowledge and a variety of other factors. One such factor is the maintenance of a good-looking office/shop, including its highest hygiene-level to ensure both a pleasant working atmosphere and fruitful  business-meetings environment. Hardly will that be possible without the contribution of a trustworthy commercial cleaning company like ours. All our quotes are focused on the awareness of the specificity of commercial cleaning and the ultimate goal to ensure the greatest satisfaction of our clients. To this end we provide our highly-specialized commercial cleaning agents and an absolutely adjustable approach for every single booking. We consider the peculiarities of the place, the necessary number of cleaners and the time-duration. To avoid  misunderstandings or the slightest trace of inefficiency, we keep a constant contact with you. Depending on the case, an additional commercial cleaning service at an affordable price could be offered.

We provide commercial cleaning for all kinds of business-related areas like offices, shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs, together with all the adjacent spaces like corridors, staircases, entries, toilets and kitchen areas. Our experienced workers are responsible for the best cleaning of both floors and ceilings as well as all of furniture. The floors are either mopped or vacuumed with excellent equipment. Any glass tables and counters are dusted and wiped, as are also telephones and blinds. In the toilet and bathroom areas all the dirt and stains are removed from mirrors and racks and the toilet base is disinfected; the sink and shower are efficiently scrubbed and rinsed and the toiletries and waste-paper basket changed. Besides, the floor and furniture cleaning and the sink scrubbing, in the kitchen area all the appliances are meticulously dusted and wiped and if necessary cleaned from the inside / a microwave, a toaster, a coffee-machine/.

Carpet cleaning

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Nowadays it has become common practice to eliminate carpets or rugs from usage basically for the sake of modern floor covering and for the failure to keep them in good condition. Our company, however, promises to discourage you from the slightest intention to part with your carpet and rugs. It will breathe new life to them by removing all kinds of stains, soil and pet-hairs and totally refreshing them for further delight and usage. Our trained cleaners will make the presence of your carpet  and rugs on the floor a new source of the traditional coziness and aristocratic-like atmosphere.

Our personnel is fully-informed about the pros and cons of the different methods of carpet cleaning – from carpet shampooing, encapsulation, bonnet cleansing, dry cleaning to the most viable – steam carpet cleaning. This knowledge guarantees their taking the most adequate decision depending on the carpet and rug type and condition. Because of its minimal disadvantages /no wet foam after rinsing, no dirt deposited under the surface/ we apply the steam carpet cleaning the most, without imposing it, if a client prefers another option. A sound judgment of the carpet and the rugs fabrics and fibers /natural or synthetic/ is vital for the cleaning agents choice. No matter whether it is rugs of local or oriental or Persian origin, manually or machine-made, we use highest-quality agents and consider the time and the conditions of drying. A significant strategy we stick to is also a pre-cleaning testing on a small portion.

To ensure no future damage on your carpet we offer putting a protector on it at an additional price.

Last but not least comes our modern carpet cleaning equipment, which is designed to spare any discomfort to the client and his daily activities such as the unpleasant noise or dust.


After builders cleaning

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In your desire to enjoy the refurbishments wonders, you almost forget the usual mess after the builders leave the place until the real situation looms large straight into your face.

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Mobile car wash

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Undoubtedly, having a car is no longer a whimsical luxury but an indispensable necessity in our dynamic life. The unquestionable benefits of the car-usage nearly all day have gained their absolute prevalence over all the inevitable inconvenience of the car maintenance and its being kept in a clean and good condition. And this is the right  time you can contact us and delight in the perfection of our Mobile car wash services.

In all cases of Mobile car wash necessity, you can always rely on our immaculate work, provided by our knowledgeable and skilled employees with eco-friendly and fragrant cleaning substances, as well as mostly sophisticated equipment and up-to-date techniques. No longer should you be upset how to find the time to have a Mobile car wash with your busy schedule, because we will send our team to the place you fix and offer you the best possible Mobile car wash  service while you are at work, at home, shopping or just relaxing.

Being fully aware of the detrimental effects of the unfavourable weather conditions, the damaging ultra-violet rays leading to corrosion and rust, we have been striving to include in the Mobile car wash  the most appropriate user and car-friendly chemicals not only to remove all traces of surface scratches, scuffs and stains, but also to repair dents and provide a safety-guarantee over-spray or coating to prevent any recurrent appearance.

And the Mobile car wash has still more to ensure the brilliant condition of your car. To give you the same  excitement as that at the time of its purchase, we will abolish all traces of wear and tear and lend it a splendid look. The Mobile car wash includes both the exterior and interior parts and areas – the wheels, the rims, the windows and the doors from inside and outside. In the Mobile car wash our workers will pay special attention to the specificity of cleaning the vinyl, plastic or chrome zones as well as to the selection of the most suitable products / polishers, waxes, air-fresheners etc./ not to damage either the hard surfaces or the leather and the fabric upholstery. Together with the efficient vacuuming of all the seats, the floor carpets and mats, they will shampoo the dashboard and all the panels to a shining dazzle. Besides the standard Mobile car wash, however, we are also highly-experienced in focusing even on the smallest details such as the hidden and hard-to-reach places – the joists, the deep folds, the seams, etc.

Having in mind that an one-time Mobile car wash  is not enough to guarantee your car’s permanent good state and health, we will offer you our Mobile car wash services on a regular basis depending on you budget and preference. In addition, you can always trust our assistance in the car maintenance by means of various consultations, recommendations and professional advice on all manner of issues.

With all the efficiency and the hassle-saving services we promise, you should definitely stop bothering about your car and contact us immediately fro a thorough Mobile car wash.