Basic precautions to consider

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The golden rule of “being on the safe side”


The golden rule of “being on the safe side” should never be ignored or forgotten because it has proved its validity since times immemorial. Every service is a two-sided process which means that except the efficiency and professionalism a cleaning company should manifest, a client should also participate in a certain way to preclude the occurrence of misconceptions or disappointment on both sides.

Firstly he should not expect that his order will be the only one and plan the service well ahead of time, because the company has other orders before him.

Another measure he can take by means of which the professional service could run absolutely smoothly

is to put all his most precious and valuable possessions in well-protected places before the cleaners, technicians or handymen enter his place, especially if the company’s stuff do their work in his absence.


Suspicion is bad or good?


Some people are suspicious just by nature and they find it hard to trust strangers coming into their property, despite all the good recommendations they have found for a cleaning company. To stop themselves from turning into blaming clients without good grounds, they should not leave the workers alone all the time. They’d better be on the alert from the very beginning and make their appearance from time to time during the service to make sure everything is done in accordance to their desire and expectations. But they should refrain from overdoing with imposing too much of their presence on the service-man because this will affect their concentration and the quality of their work.


Something for everyone


For the more capricious it is very important to discuss, negotiate and agree on all aspects, stages and  equipment and chemicals usage with the company with written proofs of all these. The existence of the latter will protect the company from possible allegations and claims of inefficiency.

Recommendations to the prospective client

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Recommendation for a cleaning company


In general, when it comes to recommendations, associated with cleaning companies, much more attention is paid to those referring to the quality of the services of their personnel rather than the recommendations related to how to be a loyal and grateful client. But the client’s significance could not be underestimated in any way, because his role in contributing to the good reputation of a  company is essential. In addition to his meticulous search for the best cleaning company, his necessity and expectations for the maximum he should be aware of some tips which concern his attitude to the people dealing with his home or office problem or procedure.


Different type of customers – different type of needs!


To begin with, it is not a bad idea that a good client has to put some order in his place before the cleaning service is given a start. By clearing the mess, he will facilitate the work of the workers or cleaners to a great extent.

In terms of his direct communication on the premises it is recommendable that he sticks to a good balance without revealing too much about his personal life or keeping oppressively silent all the time. Asking too many many questions is also unwise because this might mean he is suspicious of the service As his being totally indifferent, for this could be interpreted as the lack of any interest or even disrespect.


The final chapter


A final inspection before the cleaners leave is also desirable since the clarification of all points will be made on-site with no further complaints.

Despite the enormous number of cleaning companies, a reasonable strategy for a client will be to stick to the services of one and the same company. Only in that way could he prevent his place being visited by too many people he does not know.


Why a Professional service

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Choose wisely!


It is known for a fact that modern life is incomparable to that in the past. And  not only because of the invasion of technologies and the hectic pace, but also because of the different requirements and alternatives it has imposed on people and their activities. While in the past it was hard to imagine that you can let someone, you hardly know, come into your house and clean or repair it, at present for the majority of people the opportunity to hire a professional service is a God-sent option. There is an impressive increase in the numbers of those who appreciate the greater advantages of that opportunity because they are almost always overwhelmed with workload to keep good hygiene or a repairs-free state in their home or office.


Benefits of the professional service


Among the benefits is not only the time they save but also all the inconvenience and discomfort. Professional companies offer efficient workers who do their job for less time, at suitable times and at reasonable prices. These workers are sufficiently skilled to do the different parts of the job without any damage to the items or harm, while if you try to do the same by yourself, you could either ruin your appliances or end up with a serious medical condition or at least some allergy in the case of cleaning. Financially, if you try on your own, the costs for chemicals, for protective clothing, for travels to the different shops and your place etc. will amount to far more than a company’s total charge. Moreover, the ultimate result of a professional service will be far better than that of your hardest efforts – your appliances and furniture will be dust and stains-free, your blocked drains will not overflow and your windows and curtains will be shining with clarity and brightness.