Basic precautions to consider

Basic precautions to consider

by DanKcleaning |May 12, 2018 | Blogs

The golden rule of “being on the safe side”


The golden rule of “being on the safe side” should never be ignored or forgotten because it has proved its validity since times immemorial. Every service is a two-sided process which means that except the efficiency and professionalism a cleaning company should manifest, a client should also participate in a certain way to preclude the occurrence of misconceptions or disappointment on both sides.

Firstly he should not expect that his order will be the only one and plan the service well ahead of time, because the company has other orders before him.

Another measure he can take by means of which the professional service could run absolutely smoothly

is to put all his most precious and valuable possessions in well-protected places before the cleaners, technicians or handymen enter his place, especially if the company’s stuff do their work in his absence.


Suspicion is bad or good?


Some people are suspicious just by nature and they find it hard to trust strangers coming into their property, despite all the good recommendations they have found for a cleaning company. To stop themselves from turning into blaming clients without good grounds, they should not leave the workers alone all the time. They’d better be on the alert from the very beginning and make their appearance from time to time during the service to make sure everything is done in accordance to their desire and expectations. But they should refrain from overdoing with imposing too much of their presence on the service-man because this will affect their concentration and the quality of their work.


Something for everyone


For the more capricious it is very important to discuss, negotiate and agree on all aspects, stages and  equipment and chemicals usage with the company with written proofs of all these. The existence of the latter will protect the company from possible allegations and claims of inefficiency.

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